Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of the Agreement and is binding on all users of WoCo including but not limited to the Customer, its management, employees etc. By using WoCo and accessing the Services, the Customer, its management, officers, employees, agents, sub-contractors etc. agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. All defined terms not specifically defined in this Privacy Policy are to have the meanings as described in the Agreement.

2. By accessing and using Work Companion in any manner and through any mode or device the Customer, its management and employees etc. categorically agree to this Privacy Policy.

3. Work Companion is engaged in the business of Software development and providing software services to its clients/Customers.

4. The Customer and its officers and employees admit and acknowledge that the Customer is the Data Controller in respect of the Customer Data.

5. The Customer and its officers and employees acknowledges that Work Companion is not a data controller and is merely a data processor providing automated data processing to the Customer under its authority, instructions and by its request.

6. Work Companion is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the personal data contained in the Customer Data stored on its servers at the discretion of its Customer or users nor is Work Companion responsible for the manner in which its customers or users collect, handle disclosure, distribute or otherwise process such information.

Work Companion Data Protection Officer:

1.Work Companion’s data protection officer is responsible for overseeing what is done with the Customer Data and monitoring Work Companion’s compliance with the data protection laws under the Applicable Laws.

2.If you have any concerns or queries about the use of the Customer Data by Work Companion you can write to Work Companion’s data protection officer at

The information collected by Work Companion:

1.Work Companion collects different kinds of information in different manners as detailed below.

2.Work Companion stores and processes the Customer Data and the Randomised Anonymous Data to provide the Services that have been sought by the Customer in terms of the Agreement between Work Companion and the Customer. The basis of this is the Agreement under which the Customer has contracted with Work Companion for the provision of the Services.

3.The Customer Data may consist of the name, picture, e-mail ID, address, designation, salary, amount of leave, attendance at work including arriving and leaving times and location from the workplace, account details, IP address of the device used to access WoCo Services using the Access Credentials, the date and time of the visit, access, or use of the service, name of employer, cookies, biometrics, phone no., IEMI No of devices, passwords, assigned tasks, comments, assistance requests, feedback etc. of the Customer, its officers, employees, agents, sub-contractors etc.

4.In addition to the Customer Data, Work Companion also collects randomised and anonymised data generated from the use of the Services and Work Companion by the Customer, its employees, agents, officers, sub-contractors etc. A complete list of this data is Placed at Annexure G. (‘Randomised Anonymous Data’).

5.If payments are made digitally, Work Companion saves only the transaction details, mode of payment, payment reference and the time and date of the transaction.

How is the information collected?

1.When the Customer, its employees, agents, officers, sub-contractors etc. use WoCo or avail the Services, they provide Work Companion with the Customer Data through a variety of ways including but not limited to direct data input on the User Input using text, numbers, symbols etc., uploading of data files (including excel, text files etc.), etc.

2.The Randomised Anonymous Data is generated by WoCo automatically as a result of the use of the WoCo by the Customer, its employees, agents, officers, sub-contractors etc.

3.The Customer, its employees, agents, officers, sub-contractors etc may customize the Services to integrate third party systems. By authorizing Work Companion to connect with an integrated service, you permit us to access and store information from these services and to use it in accordance with this Policy.

Use of the information:

1.Work Companion uses and processes the Customer Data and the Randomised Anonymous Data to provide the Services which is necessary for the legitimate interests of Work Companion. These services are provided under the terms of the Agreement. The extent of Work Companion’s usage is contingent on which the Services and its use.

2.Work Companion uses the Customer Data and the Randomised Anonymous Data to provide Services, including to process transactions, provide data on the User Interface, automate the information display when you via User Interface, generate reports, respond to queries, comments and concerns, provide customer and technical support, and operate and maintain the services.

3.Work Companion uses the Customer Data and the Randomised Anonymous Data to understand and analyze the usage trends and queries received from you to improve Work Companion services and support.

4.Work Companion may send communications to notify new products and improvements in Services. Additionally, Work Companion may invite participation in surveys and competitions. These marketing messages may be unsubscribed by using the ‘unsubscribe’ hyperlink at the bottom of each communication.

Disclosure of information by Work Companion :

Apart from the Cloud Partner Work Companion does not share information with any other third-parties. In exceptional circumstances, Work Companion may share information with a third party if it believes that sharing is reasonably necessary to

a) comply with any applicable law, regulation, or court order,

b) enforce our agreements, policies and terms of service,

c) defend Work Companion against any claims or allegations, and

d) protect Work Companion, users of WoCo or others from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use or activity.

How Does Work Companion store user data?:

Only for information, Work Companion stores the Customer Data and the Randomised Anonymous Data on servers located in India.

Period of storage of the user data:

1.The Customer Data shall be stored for the tenure of the Agreement and shall be deleted within 6 (SIX) Months of the expiry of the Tenure or the termination of the Agreement. Work Companion may continue to store Customer Data that it may need for audit purposes or under applicable laws for longer than this period.

2.The Randomised Anonymous Data shall be stored at the discretion of Work Companion and shall be accessible to Work Companion at all times. It is understood that this data is not personal data. This data can be used by Work Companion even after the termination of this Agreement.

Rights of the users:
Users are employees, agents, officers, sub-contractors of the Customer who access and use the Services:

1.The users have the right to be informed. This Privacy Policy informs you of how the Customer Data shall be used.

2.The users have the right to access personal data. On a written request being made by the user to the Data Protection Officer of Work Companion, Work Companion shall provide you with access to the data within 1 month, of the receipt of the request, as requested in writing.

3.The users have a right to rectification. On a written request being made by the user to the Data Protection Officer of Work Companion, Work Companion shall, within 1 month of the receipt of the request, with notice to the Customer correct the data that the user claims is inaccurate, subject to the user proving the inaccuracy of the data.

4.The user has the right to erasure. On a written request being made by the user to the Data Protection Officer of Work Companion, Work Companion shall within 1 month of the receipt of the request delete the personal data requested to be deleted provided that consent of the Client is obtained for the same and attached along with the request to Work Companion. In the event that the user has left the employment of the Customer, the personal data will be deleted within 1 month of the receipt of the request, on the provision of a settlement or termination letter and with prior notice to the Customer who shall have a right to receive a copy of such data.

5.The user has the right to restrict processing. Under certain circumstances under which the user can request for this. If you wish to supress processing of your data you may contact Data Protection Officer of Work Companion for more information.

6.The user has the right to object. The user can object to direct marketing by Work Companion or the processing by Work Companion in accordance with its legitimate interests. If you wish to object you may contact Data Protection Officer of Work Companion for more information.

7.The user has the right to data portability. The user can request for a copy of its data for its own purposes. To request this please contact Data Protection Officer of Work Companion . Work Companion will do its best to process this request in 1 month.

8.The user has rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. Work Companion does not do this. If this changes, this privacy policy will be updated accordingly.

What cookies are used by WoCo?

WoCo uses the following cookies.

a) CSRF – For website security.

b) Remember Me – For saving user account password on the device

c) Firebase – For authenticating user for features like Real Time Chat.

d) Google - Analytics

How does WoCo use Cookies?:

Cookies make the use of WoCo Website easier by, saving your preferences. We may also use cookies to deliver content tailored to your interests. Our cookies may enable us to relate your use of our WoCo Website to Personal Data that you previously submitted. The information that we collect with cookies allows us to statistically analyze usage of WoCo Website, and to improve and customize our content and other offerings.

What types of cookies are used by WoCo?:

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies - These are cookies that are required for the operation of WoCo Websites. They include, for example, cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of our websites. These cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the WoCo Website and therefore cannot be refused. However, they can be deleted or blocked using your browser settings.

2. Performance and Functionality Cookies -These are used to recognize you when you return to WoCo Websites. This enables us to personalize our content for you and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language or region), but are non-essential to the performance of WoCo Websites. These cookies can be deleted or blocked using your browser settings

3. Analytical or Customization Cookies - These cookies collect information about how users access and move through WoCo Websites. We use this information in either aggregate form to help us to improve the way WoCo Websites work, or to personalize WoCo Websites to your interests. These cookies can be deleted or blocked using your browser settings

How can a user manage his cookies?

1. When a user first access the WoCo they will receive a message advising them that cookies and similar technologies are in use. By closing the message or continuing to browse the website, they signify that they understand and agree to the use of these technologies. The Customer or its employees etc who are using WoCo do not have to accept cookies and consent can be withdrawn at any time, although you may not be able to use certain features on the WoCo. This can be done by activating the settings on your browser that allows you to refuse all or some cookies.

2. Please follow the links below to helpful information for the most popular browsers:

2.1. Microsoft Internet Explorer:


2.2. Google Chrome:

2.3. Mozilla Firefox:


2.4. Apple Safari:

Age restriction:

WoCo is intended for use by working professionals. If you are aware of any individual younger than 18 who has provided us with personal information, please contact the Data Protection Officer and we will take steps to delete such information.

Information to end users:

1. Work Companion’s Services are intended for use, among others, by organizations. Where our services are made available to you through an organization, that organization is the controller of the Services and is responsible for Service accounts, Access Credentials and processes over which it has control. In such event, please direct your data privacy questions to your administrator, as your use of our Services is subject to that organization’s policies. Work Companion is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of an administrator’s organization, which may be different from this policy.

2. A copy of this policy is available with the Customer and the users are requested to please review the same prior to using the Services. The Customer is required to provide each of its employees who uses WoCo with a copy of this Policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

1. Work Companion may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time.

2. Changes to this Privacy Policy shall be intimated in writing to the Customer and users are requested to check with the Customer for any updates to this policy.

Security :

Work Companion follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the information submitted to Work Companion, both during transmission and once Work Companion receives it. Whilst we will endeavour to maintain security, given the nature of communications and information processing technology, Work Companion cannot guarantee that information, during transmission through the Internet or while stored on our systems or otherwise in our care, will be absolutely safe from intrusion by others.

Privacy Policy of other websites:

Work Companion’s Privacy Policy applies only to WoCo. In the event you use any other system or website please check its privacy policy as well.

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