The Core Benefits of HR Tech
Date of publish: 06/11/2022
The main advantages of HR Tech Not all organizations optimize their technology capabilities. Organizations that intelligently use HRMS platforms to manage their HR functions have a number of benefits. Here are some of the most common benefits.
Dhruv Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, WoCO The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a number of challenges to the world. The biggest challenge for organizations was the well-being of employees and their engagement. This brought new challenges for HR teams. They had to innovate new strategies to accommodate remote work without compromising employee engagement and productivity. This is where HR technology has proven to be a great tool for HR teams.
However, not all organizations are optimizing their technology capabilities. Organizations that intelligently use HRMS platforms to manage their HR functions have a number of benefits. Here are some of the most common benefits –
It helps you focus on what really matters

Organizations expect HR to play a more important role in business. Several organizations have succeeded in achieving this, while others are still playing catch-up. There is an urgent need for HR teams to embrace technology and work smarter. An effective HR strategy with relevant services, future-ready technologies and performance measurement methodology is the need of the day.

It reduces manual processes

HR is a people-centric function that puts relationships and experiences first. There is no doubt that automation cannot always do what a face-to-face meeting can do. But the dividing line between automation and manual intervention is narrow.
No wonder many HR managers are running helter-skelter to complete their tasks manually. This is probably because they only use basic tools. In certain cases, the HR team may not be properly trained to handle their own HRMS. Positive results will only be seen when smart work is combined with smart technology.

Gets deeper insights for smarter decisions

Data is everywhere, but not everyone gets what they need to make informed decisions. Whether it's formulating growth-focused HR policies, measuring employee sentiment, or anticipating talent requirements, every HR needs to account for the disparate data present in a variety of tools.
What if a unified platform could do all of this in one place? HR teams would welcome this as they can quickly run analytics on their activities and present better MIS reports to management with confidence.

It helps employees help themselves

It's not uncommon to see HR team members get upset when repeatedly dealing with basic employee inquiries. Of course even the staff wouldn't want to bother them if there is a better option.
The self-service capabilities of an HRMS platform can solve this problem. When employees have the ability to access information, submit requests and create reports themselves, over-reliance on HR is eliminated. This saves time and allows HR teams to focus on improving the employee experience.

Improves employee satisfaction

It's hard to find the right people for the right job. Now it's even harder to keep them! Yes, every HR needs to figure out new ways to focus on employee engagement, growth opportunities, grievance handling and more.
When processes are automated and streamlined, more tasks get done faster. As a result, the HR team also has more time to adjust the workforce. Employees will also have fewer reasons to complain and more reasons to smile. Satisfied and engaged employees are more likely to bring better results to the organization.

Prevents compliance issues

Sometimes even larger businesses can find it difficult to navigate the legal maze. It would therefore not be surprising if others view compliance barriers as a hindrance. Litigation can affect not only the profitability of businesses, but also adversely affect their brand image in the market. HR automation can help solve this conundrum, as many modern platforms are designed to meet legal requirements by default. Therefore, even if there are sudden changes in employment law, members of the statutory intelligence team need not worry.

Final thoughts

Today's workforce relies more on technology to get things done. But the problem lies in choosing the basic tools to help them.
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When an organization deploys WoCO, its HR can benefit from over 40 tools in core HR, payroll, leave and attendance, compliance, expense claims, employee self-service and more. Most importantly, they can expect an all-round productivity and engaged workforce.
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